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Art for Kids, Project Somos, Week 3

Art for Kids, Project Somos, Week 3

February 04, 2019

Week 3

 Our routine changed this week, only slightly. We decided to meet the kids at the gates in the mornings now at 7:50am. We gather them and sing on the way to the school. We take the preschoolers straight to play when they arrive and play with them until their snack is ready. As they eat their snack we continue to talk with them in English. On Friday Sam held up one finger and they called out “one”! Then two, three, four, and finally “yellow”! We have no idea how yellow got in there but we were absolutely thrilled that they got to four in English on their own. Yeah kids!

 The older kids are learning the colour wheel in art class. So far we’ve mixed yellow and blue, and yellow and red. This week we’ll conclude with red and blue and also get them to create a colour wheel for themselves. On Friday some of the kids figured out purple on their own, standing in line waiting to clean their palettes and brushes and mixing all the remaining paint on the palettes together.

 We experienced a “terremoto” or earthquake, Friday morning around 11am. It rocked the building a little but that was all. The epicentre was in Chiapas, Mexico and could be felt down into El Salvador and Belize.

 In our spare time, Sam is clearing the kids’ bicycle path of weeds and I’m fixing little princess dresses and checking the lion, crocodile and dragon suites for repairs, too. We go into Tecpan on Thursday afternoons to shop at the big market day, which frees up our weekend to enjoy the tranquillity of the finca.

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